“Honey, did you lock the doors? “

​Before bed tonight, I checked to be sure our doors were locked. My husband and I do this every night. Does this make us intolerant or cold-hearted? Why, if we love people, do we feel the need to prohibit entrance into our home?

What if someone in need of our assistance were to show up at our door at 3am, disheveled, bloodied and obviously fleeing some unknown evil? Would we open the door to help them?

Yes. Of course, we would.

What if instead someone came reeking of alcohol, days-old body odor and cigarette smoke, with a gun drawn or bomb displayed? Would we open our door then?

Obviously not.

But… what if the person at our door had a hidden gun or a bomb? What if they held evil intentions that we were unaware of and presented themselves as a friend or neighbor in need in order to gain access to do us harm later?

What would we do then? What standards do we have for vetting people who want inside our doors? We simply can’t always determine with 100% certainty the intentions of a man’s heart, but does that relieve us of our responsibility of protection?


Anyone wishing to cross any threshold must expect to be required to prove qualification. I would never enter a friend’s home without their permission. I would not cross a commencement stage expecting to be handed  a diploma without proving I have met the qualifications. I would not anticipate entry into any country without their proper documentation which they believe to be a safe protocol for their citizens. And just like I would not want to go to bed at night with my doors unlocked, I don’t want to reside in a nation that does not uphold safe standards for all who seek admission.

Our great nation has suffered enough at the hands of people who came pretending to just want a better life but whose true intent was in fact evil. And that does nothing to take away from those who have sought exile here who are now productive members of our society. In fact, most of them agree with requiring proper documentation. They too want to be safe in their new homeland. They know, maybe better than any of us, what kind of evil may try to come in.

Locking my doors at night does NOT mean I turn away everyone. It DOES mean I will be diligent to evaluate the intentions of all visitors before I allow access.

I’m thankful to live in a country with a leader who (however flawed he may be otherwise) recognizes his elected responsibility to protect our nation from those who’ve left no doubt they hate and wish us evil. I’m grateful my security is taken seriously enough for swift and firm action even in the face of those who oppose it without realizing they do the very same thing when they lock their door each night.

One thought on ““Honey, did you lock the doors? “

  1. Steve Mulford says:

    Yes, yes and yes… thank you


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