Emotional Freedom is a Choice

Whether it be a home, a workplace, a friendship, family or church, a culture that is empowered looks far different than the norm. And self-empowerment is the key for us.
Stephen Covey quote about deciding how others will affect us

Enduring freedom is a choice.

We cannot allow the weaknesses of others to become our focus. We are right to be aware of things that could trip us up, but let’s not be like so many around us, getting tripped up and sidetracked by focusing on the faults and failures of others. This robs us of personal power, and it gives more power and freedom for them to mess up our life.
Instead of allowing our emotional life to be the result of how others treat us, let’s define ourselves by our own morality and integrity. As many have said, how others treat me defines them. How I treat others defines who I am. We can live free and independent of human treatment. We have the innate power within us to be both courageous and empathic at the same time, choosing to boldly assert our wants, needs and ways while equally and boldly loving and caring about others’ wants, needs and ways.
Live empowered to be who you really are no matter what is going on around you. ~Barb
(Inspired by thoughts from Stephen Covey.)

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