Where is God in all this?

​​When you look around our world today so seemingly filled with chaos and evil and hate, and you’re tempted to ask where is God in all this? Remember… we told God we didn’t need him. We expelled him from our schools. We removed him from our courthouses. We’ve denied the sanctity of the gift of life He gives with the degradation of the human fetus to a blob of tissue. We’ve chosen this world we must now live.

But remember this too. Surrounding the pockets of darkness so sensationalized albeit all too real, there are blankets of goodness and love.

There are infinitely more of us who still invite God into our lives, commune with him in prayer wherever we go, and love every human soul he creates. While we must mourn the losses that are dealt to us from within the darkness, we must never lose sight of the glorious light of hope and infinite blessings that still surround our hearts, our homes, and our communities. All the more when we actually welcome Jesus into our everyday.

Don’t get lost in the fight. Be the light. Be the change you wish to see in the world. That’s where hope lives. ❤

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