Take heart!


I’m learning to live above my circumstances. This requires me to spend focused time with the Lord.

There are troubles and stress in all of our lives because we live in a broken world, but Jesus reminded us in John 16:33 that he overcame all this and he encouraged us to take heart! Or in other words… be courageous! Only the Life of the One who overcame this world can give me the courage I need to face the neverending flow of life’s problems with good cheer.


As I sit quietly with the Lord every morning, He floods my troubled heart and mind with His peace in a way that cannot be explained or understood… only experienced.

Then, ever so indeterminately, I am released to rise above my circumstances. I start to see my life differently… through His eyes. This new vision allows me to discern what I need to focus on ~ the GOOD and what I can change ~ and what I need to forget as I leave it with Him ~ the BAD and what I cannot change.

Then, I rest… as I breathe out all that I carried to Him today, and breathe in His joyful, peaceful Presence that no one and nothing can take from me.

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