Today is the day you have made, Lord! I will rejoice and be glad in it. I begin this day with my heart and my hands open to You, ready to accept anything and everything that you will pour into this day–this brief portion of my life.


I will intentionally not complain about anything, even the weather, because I know my life is not my own. You are the one writing my story, and that includes every circumstance of my life. The best way to deal with things I wish weren’t happening is to just look for your hand in them and thank you for always working through it all. This allows me to be free of any resentment and allows You to do the good work in me that you desire to do in Your own way.

To find joy in the present moment, I cannot drag yesterday or pull tomorrow into the boundaries of today! You said Your mercies are new every morning because You understand human frailty, and you know that we would need them that often! We cannot bear the weight of any more than one day at a time. Let us not REHEARSE tomorrow, or REGRET yesterday. There is abundant life in the REALITY of Your Presence right here in this moment today. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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