My Prayer of Jacob (Genesis 32:9-12)

lord hear my voice

Father God, I praise you and thank you for being my Lord & Savior and for making a relationship with you not only possible, but something you desire! You are the living God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and me! I praise you for all that you are to me!

I remember your Word, Father, which is full of promises to me. Jacob was fearful when he focused on himself and his own resources, and I face that same dilemma nearly every day. As he deliberately prayed your own Word back to you, he gained confidence. And I experience the same when I turn to you and allow your very Word to answer the fears of my heart and mind.

I confess to you, Father, that I am a sinner and I fall so short of being worthy of your blessings. At one time, like Jacob, I believed that I had a right to your blessings. Now, I can see that my troubles are not your fault. My own sinfulness causes many of my troubles, and I acknowledge that just as Jacob did. He humbly admitted, as do I, that he was completely unworthy of your help.

And yet, I can count on your mercy. Thank you God for all the countless times that you’ve shown me mercy and acted on my behalf when I did not deserve it, starting with providing my Savior as payment for my sins, then so many times every day of my life that I can’t even begin to see all the ways you’ve helped me. But I remember now how much you’ve remembered me in spite of my unworthiness. Your undeserved kindness and faithfulness overwhelmed Jacob, as it does me now. It also assured Jacob, and me, that you will continue to protect me, come what may. When my heart is thankful, my faith is stronger.

Father, today I pray specifically, as clearly as I know how, here are my needs today… (Here, I invite you to join me in praying for today’s specific hurts and needs, specifically the who, what, when, where, why and how of your life today.)

I am pouring out my heart to you, God. Jacob did not hide his true emotions from you, Lord, and neither will I attempt to because it’s impossible anyway. You know my heart inside and out. You know my every hurt, worry, fear and need. I realize that both Scripture and emotional health require that I tell you the details of my troubles, pouring out my deep unhappiness and pain to you, because only then can my heart be emptied of all that negativity and room made inside of it to receive your comfort and confidence to face the day. As Psalm 143 and 144 illustrate, it is only the specific cry for mercy that can provoke true praise. My heart can truly praise you when I have allowed you in to feel my hurt with me and offer me the love and mercy you long to give.

I believe your promises to me personally, Lord. Like a small child who says, “but Daddy, you said…” Jacob confidently took hold of your Word as a personal promise to him, and now I do the same. Despite my unworthiness, I come boldly to your throne of grace and I find help in my time of need. With childlike faith, I come like Jacob, to confidently remind you, Father, of your Word, your purposes and your promises to me which I know never fail. I claim them and thank you for them, and open myself up, with a purified heart, to remember and receive them today. In Jesus name I pray asking these things, and consider them done. Amen!

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