A Dangerous Prayer for Change: Lord, Please Keep Making Me

Today, Lord, I pray for the opposite of what may seem more normal to pray. I pray that you would make me BROKEN. I know in the most real way possible that I cannot be healed until I know I am broken. Where my eyes have failed to see, and my mind has failed to recognize, where I have chosen my own destructive ways over your blessed ones, break my heart, Lord. The day-in-and-day-out battle that we call modern day life makes it so easy for me to become so calloused that I can’t even feel the emotions you created me to feel. At least not very strongly. I want to run to You with my arms wide open, with wild abandon. I want to care about nothing else in comparison to my desire to be with You, to know You, to feel You at work within my heart in a new way.

Father God, my heart and mind and life are so full! I don’t have enough hours in the day to do it all. And I want You more than any of the activities or things, or even people, in my life. So I need You to make me EMPTY so that You can fill me with only those things that are healing to my body and nourishment to my bones as You’ve promised to do in Proverbs 3:8 if I will empty my life of the evil of self-reliance. I keep holding on to MY will, and I’m not complete until I am with YOU.

I want You to be my one desire, my ONE TRUE LOVE! The breath I breathe, my everything. Lord, please keep making me until I am all of these!

God, You can even make me LONELY, so that I can be Yours completely! Do whatever you have to do until I want no one more than You! Because in the darkness, I KNOW You will hold me. There’s nothing that could bring me more comfort and joy than to be held by You. So make me lonely if that’s what You have to do.

Lord, I trust You. I know that in the end, I could never be broken, empty or lonely because I have You! Let me set aside all the temporary never forget that. No matter how busy I get. No matter how frustrating and painful life can be. No matter what! You, Lord, have my permission and my attention and my desire to see You work in big ways inside my heart, my mind, and my life

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

This prayer was written from the heart of someone whose life has been touched by the Sidewalk Prophets’ song “Keep Making Me.” (Well, every single song on the Live Like That album actually.) All credit for the words within this song goes to them! Give it a listen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI1obeb3A9c. I think you will be glad you did!

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