Freedom in Its Many Forms

Today I am thankful for FREEDOM. It comes in so many forms. The most noteworthy on Veteran’s Day being our physical freedom as United States citizens, secured by the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of our armed forces and their families.

Emotional freedom is a gift too. For those who have found it, you know that it was secured only through much personal heart-work, dedication to the process of caring for yourself, and the sacrifice of time, energy and finances to work through past hurts to find the godly forgiveness that is a must for true liberty.

Lastly, there is spiritual freedom, without which, none of the other would matter. If we could live our whole lives on earth with total physical and emotional freedom, but we sacrificed our spiritual freedom through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross by rejecting Him, all would be for naught.

Thank a vet for your physical freedom. Thank your counselor if you have found emotional freedom. But most of all, THANK GOD for sending His Son to the cross so that we could choose spiritual freedom for all eternity!

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